HIT THE WALL by Ike Holter; an ensemble play with music, is an evocation of the sparks that ignited the Stonewall Riots. On a hot and humid night in June 1969 a diverse group of individuals are brought together by their need for a safe space in the biggest underground gay club in Manhattan the Stonewall Inn… The rest is history. With music, theatricality and beautifully honest and expressive dialogue this play is a homage to the hundreds of individuals who came together to fight back against the oppression of the NYPD on the queer community. This site-specific retelling will utilize “The Stonewall Inn” the very bar that was raided by police on June 28th 1969 as our “stage”. The story of how Pride began, in the place where Pride began. 

photos courtesy of KevB photos


COP - Alex Walton*

MIKA - Kevin Ferguson

TANO - Manuel E. Lopez

NEWBIE - Jonathan Savage

ROBERTA - Alexis Cash*

MADELINE - Alyssa LaVacca

CARSON - Scotland Newton

CLIFF - Johnny Pozzi

PEG - Molly Watts

A-GAY - Tom Driscoll

NOV. 5-27

at The Stonewall Inn

Director/ Producer: Nick J. Browne 
Producer: Lauren Gundrum  
Marketing Manager/ Props: Maddie Bucci 
Stage Manager: Kelsey Mogensen 

Choreographer ; Quinton Guthier, Quincy Dow 

Music Directors ; Kristin Dausch, Andrew

                             Swackhamer, Meghan                                        Rose

Hair and Makeup : Jeremy Gatzert

Costumes : Penny Margeotes

Fight Choreography ; Anna Michaels

Final Actors Announcement with LOGOS - H